CILCS is committed to meeting and maintaining standards of ethical behavior at all stages of the peer review process of texts submitted by l@s congressmen. We adhere to Elsevier’s Publication Ethics Committee (COPE) and Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK), which set standards and provide guidelines for best practices to meet these requirements.

Duties, responsibilities of the Editor and the Editorial Board

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the authors’ data in the review process.
  • Ensure the custody of unaccepted texts and specify how they are to be destroyed.
  • Define and make explicit the criteria for acceptance of articles for review.
  • Avoid favored treatment to the detriment of other authors.
  • Not to have any conflict of interest in relation to the texts presented.
  • Not to make any use of the texts or the data presented in them, beyond those of being published.
  • Establish clear and objective review criteria to avoid reviewer subjectivity.
  • Establish clear deadlines for responding to authors on the acceptance or non-acceptance of the text.
  • Review suspected incidents of plagiarism and resolve any conflict of interest.
  • Evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, nationality, or political philosophy of the authors.
  • Respect for timelines.
  • Not to publish papers that have not been approved by designated peer reviewers in order to maintain the required quality criteria.