Chair of Communication and Health (CUM)

The Chair of Communication and Health at the Complutense University is sponsored by Abbvie Laboratories. Its objective is to develop fundamental knowledge applied in the field of communication and health, which allows enriching the theoretical corpus and simultaneously transferring knowledge to society.


PLATCOM is a meta-journal, a journal of scientific communication journals, and arises with the intention of simplifying the publication process without sacrificing scientific rigor. To achieve this, the associated journals have adopted a single set of style guidelines for articles and a single model for article evaluation.

Pixel and Pixel

Creative Digital Communication Agency with a marked obsession for creativity, innovation, and careful design of all its projects. Some of our clients include: Netflix, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Samsung, Vodafone, Mutua Madrileña, EVO Banco, Campofrío, Pepsi Max, Red Bull.

Revista Prisma Social

The Prisma Social Journal (ISSN 1989-3469) is part of the dissemination and research channels of the iS+D Foundation for Advanced Social Research, the publisher of the journal. It is a digital publication organized around a thematic content per issue. Prisma Social increases its dissemination and prestige each year, being indexed in national and international scientific journal platforms and databases: Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), Scopus, ProQuest, EBSCO, etc.


With over 50 years of existence, the Spanish Association of Scientific Film and Image (ASECIC) is an organization with Ibero-American vocation and non-profit goals, which has managed to bring together both the pioneers of scientific film and photography in Spain, as well as a large group of researchers, academics, and audiovisual professionals from the Ibero-American field dedicated to the use of images and sounds in science, technology, and innovation (R&D&I).

Master's Degree in Advertising Management (UCM)

One of the main objectives of this Advertising Master is the possibility of getting to know great leaders from the real world and thus establishing closer relationships with the sector, the famous and much-needed Networking. In recent years, advertising has evolved and structured towards new horizons due to the impetus of new technologies, forcing the Advertising Master to adapt to reality and making the concept of "New Technologies" one of the strongest points of the course.

Master's Degree in Branding (UCM)

A specific Master aimed at graduates and professionals in the field of Communication, Marketing, Business Administration, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, related graduates such as Fine Arts, Psychology, Sociology, and oriented towards the training of qualified specialists in brand strategy, design, and management, a highly valued and demanded profile in the current market. With the academic endorsement of the Complutense University of Madrid.